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Kite Flowers

KFDuo      KFTrio


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Now At A Taste of Rome

Now at A Taste of Rome in Sausalito, The Aurora and The Quick and the Good, and more. Through November 15th.


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A Taste of Rome

Come to The Taste of Rome Cafe this October, I will be showing my artwork there. I am currently preparing new works.

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The SeaHorse Sausalito Artist’s Show

Come see this show. The SeaHorse Restaurant and Bar is at 305 Harbor Drive in Sausalito. I will be showing my art there. The show is  August 30th, 31st, and September 1st. 


Sausalito SeaHorse Art Show




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Favorite Painter

Among my inspirations for the new works is a book that was among my father’s favorites. As a scientist, philosopher and sociologist art was very important, and he loved the cubists. The cubists had great insight into perspective and emotional contexts. Georges Braque has always been one of my favorite painters; In his work is music and sensuality, a sense of structural density, and color as his painterly fiat of light and genius of form.

No Vase, Oil on Wood Panel

No Vase, Oil on Wood Panel


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Art provides wonder. Creation especially as a realization of good may help us perform right action. Super, just, fair and worthy art is what we strive for.  Immanuel Kant tells us in a state of freedom we are naturally good.

Dave's Tree With Wings, Oil on canvas

Dave’s Tree With Wings, Oil on canvas

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Material Wealth, The Painter

A painter may be wealthy by the augury of their artwork, and in love truly fair.



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